18 June 2013

Week 3: still doing it

I actually think week three is over, but it doesn't matter; I haven't posted anything.

I'm still dieting and made three mistake of buying a scale. I'm obsessive, do its a good and bad thing. Its good because I've grown more conscious of what I'm eating and motivated.. Its not good, because my obsessive nature kicks in and now I'm on that bitch like every 30 minutes lol. Stressful yes, but I'll take that stress. I keep it in the kitchen so I can weigh every time I'm thinking about snacking.

I've kicked up my exercise to twice a day. I don't do anything extreme. No insanity or p90x lol. I just do light aerobics, yoga, and pilates. I'm not committed enough to purchase those other programs. Sure, I may not get ripped, but I'm losing weight all the same. I find that when I jump into an exercise program fill throttle, I get bored before I really get any results, plus the more weight you lose the more you have to exercise to keep losing, so why kill myself in the beginning? No, I'll increase as I go along.

Although I am losing weight, I'm assuming its all water weight because I don't see or feel any different. I think this is typical for me. It won't be until after the second 10 that my clothes might start fitting different and I can start noticing a difference.

I'm trying to incorporate more ab and arm work. Even though I do lose most of my weight from the top first, I've never had the tone I wanted, so even at my lowest I was still embarrassed to wear short sleeved shirts. I've had a flat stomach, but not as firm as i wanted plus i still had to suck in. More especially since I've had a baby I'm gonna have to put more emphasis on toning my mid section. I naturally just have big legs, but the weight will start to fall off them at the 30lb mark so not too worried about them.

I guess at the end of week 4 I'll post my final results. I still only feel like I'm on a diet, not a lifestyle change so I'm going to have to work on that. I don't want to yo-yo back up in my weight this time. This time I want to go down and stay down.

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