10 June 2013

Week 3.... Weight loss disappointments

Well, I didn't think I was losing any weight.. Got on the scale at work and turns out I'd only lost half a pound last week.. Talk about disappointed :/. So, I think I wool have to go back to taking two Fenfast pills a day and really watch my calorie intake. I know I need top up my cardio as well.. I guess my mystery calories are coming from my drinks.. Ugh.

I downloaded a work out app yesterday which I think will do me well. It gives you a different workout every day. It counts all the minutes for you and tells you when to switch between exercises. I like it because I don't have to think for myself lol. I'm one of those people that needs coaching, even if its just a recording on a phone. So I can get my exercise in while Micah watches a DVD.. I believe it's called Daily Workout. Maybe I can start going to hot yoga soon. I'd like to sweat off more weight!

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