22 June 2013

Week 4... plateau

I'm entering my fourth week on this whole diet thing. Here are my stats:

SW: 183
CW: 170
GW1: 160
GW 2: 145
UGW: easy and manageable

So, I've lost roughly 10 pounds since I started this thing, but I'm pretty sure it's all water weight because I don't look or feel any different. Guess I oughta start posting pictures.

I noticed since I hit 170, I can't seem to go lower. It's as if my body is clinging on to this fat for dear life! Very frustrating. Made the mistake of buying sour cream and cheddar chips, my weakness. I can ignore cakes and cookies, but chips I can't. I don't plan on buying anymore after this bag runs out. I was crabbing them so got them. Figured if that's the only junk food I ate, them I'm ok haha.

Thus week I've decided to start implementing circuit training to Mt exercise regimen. Reminds me of my days in boot camp haha.

So, the good news is I haven't gained, but I'm stuck.. I really want to get out of the 170s. After my mom died, I easily put on 20 lbs in less than 2 months, so my first goal is to get back down to a where I was, then continue on down to my pre pregnancy weight. From there, who knows. Guess I'll keep going until I'm just tired of losing. Well,.that is,.I'd I can ever get passed this plateau

Ugh,.just want to cut this fat off with a pair of scissors...

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