01 September 2013

Update: September 1

I don't know my last update but quite a bit has been going on. My weight loss has been slow and my hair journey sporadic.

I'm down to 160 from, I think, 183 size I first noticed myself getting fatter. I do plan on continuing to lose weight until I just can't lose anymore lol. Actually 145 is my goal. That is a good healthy weight, not too skinny or big. I'll be happy to see 155 right now though.

I've tried a few products which I will do reviews on including taliah waajid curly curl creme and curl sealer, eco styler gel, and some garnier products.

I just want to give a quick rant. yesterday afternoon I attempted a wash and go with eco styler gel. Um, over 12 hours later, my hair is still wet... Low porosity hair is something else. Looks like I'm going to have to invest in a diffuser.

I'll do my product reviews sometime this week. I've been working like crazy and have so much drama going on its ridiculous. If things get settled in the next couple of months I might post a video or two. I'm probably not going to do any tutorials because I all don't have any real routine. I just wash it when I can, use water to moisturize during the week, condition and twist when I get a chance.. My schedule has been so busy, I'm relieved the wash and go worked out somewhat. The shrinkage I can do without as I like my hair to be big but I'll work with it.

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